About Me

Multimedia Creative with over a decade of experience
Like most artists I ‘ve been drawing and creating from a very young age thanks to crayola, playdoh, and legos. I followed the natural progression through high school decided on a career in art and so I earned my Associates for graphic design. I quickly found out that I wasn’t satisfied so I attended The Savannah College of Art and Design to learn 3D animation. I left SCAD with my BFA and also picked up skills in Flash, Sound Design, Video Editing and Effects. I’ve always loved the creative process from beginning to end and used my talent, my skills and whatever tools I needed to complete a project. From creating 3D models and animations for the US Army and making them interacitve in Animate to working freelance creating engaging websites,t-shirt designs, logos, and promotional posters. In summary:
-wildly creative, wickedly talented, totally awesome-
Graphics Completed